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The Secap TC 36 conveyor is a simple to use add-on accessory designed to complement Secap desktop printers and tabbing equipment and improve the efficiency of a mailing operation. The TC 36 conveyor is the ideal solution for customers needing to extend drying time and preserve image quality on their mail pieces. By adding a conveyor to a printing or tabbing process, mail can quickly and conveniently be stacked and handled by the operator. Capable of handling a wide range of media sizes, it provides a quiet and efficient way to increase productivity in any mailing environment.

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An optional TD 36 dryer unit can be mounted over the top of the conveyor to assist in drying, further improving the efficiency of the mailing operation by reducing ink-drying time.

•Compact table top design
•Quietly and efficiently shingles and stacks media and mail pieces
•Infinitely variable speed control, for handing different print qualities and media sizes
•Adjustable drop stacker for convenient, hands free stacking of media
•Gravity rollers at conveyor end to help guide media to drop stacker

Technical Specifications
1,000 inches per minute (at belt carriers)
Physical Dimensions
Chassis: 12.25” W x 35.13”L x 3.25”
Drop Tray: 12.25”W x 12"L x 8.25”H
Media Size
3” x 5” to 10"x 13”
120V, 60Hz

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